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buzz — the audio store, a tale of bad sales representation

by on Aug.04, 2012, under Uncategorized

Ranting my experience a while ago… bad sales rep…

While in Robinsons Place Manila to buy T-shirts for ANCOP Global Walk this Aug 12, 2012 me and my sis went by to a store named buzz. An audio accessory selling store.

She was looking for a new headphone.

We went in. She saw a headphone she wanted to try out.

It was sky blue in color. I don’t know what brand it is.
It’s not Skullcandy, nor Hed Kandi. It was a headset.

I plugged the headset on the Lenovo P700 I was carrying. She picked out a song. Super Bass.
I played the song. No reaction. I tried it out myself to see if the headset volume is comfortable.
It sounded like a minus one or a headphone not plugged in correctly.
The song was full in volume.
I plugged it in fully. No change. No Boom Boom Bass. No Nicki Minaj.
I checked my equalizer. It wasn’t on.

I asked the sales guy in front of me.
Me: Ganito ba talaga tunog nito parang minus one.
Sales Rep: Sir, baka sira lang po yung file nyo.
Sales Rep: Try nyo po yung ibang headphones. (Pointing to a Sennheiser beside it)

I smirked, I think.

I pulled out my trusted earphones. I used it a while ago. I know it’s working.
It was an effective Tonino Lamborghini-branded earphones with good bass output and clear sound. I got for 700 pesos at Silicon Valley. It played Super Bass for quite a few months already.

I plugged my earphones on the phone. I’m pretty sure he was able to hear my earphones pumping out BOOM BOOM BASS as I present my earphones at him (even when I had lowered the volume).

Me: Oh eto. Try mo.
Sales Rep: Sir iba po kasi yung bass output ng headphone na ito kaysa sa ib…

I butted in.

Me: A.
Me: Never mind.
Me: Tara. Let’s go.

*walks out*

I didn’t bother to argue.

He was suppose to be an expert in audio field but clearly he wasn’t.

Dear Mr. Sales Rep,
First, if the file is corrupted, it will not play.
Second, I don’t even hear a single bass boom on your 1600-peso headset so don’t give me that sh*t that it outputs the bass better than my tiny earphones.
Third, I thought the file was corrupted, why would you let me try another headset?
Fourth, don’t put out defective products.

To Charlie of Philmug, the supposed owner of the store.
Please train your sales rep properly.
My experience in the store beats your tagline (as stated in your PhilMug post).

I don’t want to go back to that place again.

Photo Credits: Charlie of Philmug
Store Location: 3rd Floor, Pedro Gil wing, Robinsons Place Manila (a right-side corner along the Cyber stuff lane going to Robinsons Movie World, in front of Cherry Mobile).

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