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Globe My Fully Loaded Plan: Explained

by on Jul.04, 2010, under Reviews, Tech

Get MORE than what you pay for!

Introducing my FULLY LOADED PLAN

Globe’s BIGGER and BETTER Postpaid Plan!

* All-Consumable Plan for as low as P299

* PLUS! Amazing FREEBIES you can choos from and change as often as monthly


Promo runs from June 29 – August 31, 2010

Part 1: What the fliers say.

Choose from all-consumable plans with BIGGER and BETTER FREEBIES

Step 1: Choose your PLAN Plan 299 Plan 499 Plan 999 Plan 1799 Plan 2499 Plan 3799
Step 2: Boost with FREEBIES Choose 1 from A-D* Choose 2 from A-D* Choose 3 from A-E Choose 5 from A-E Choose 7 from A-E Choose 9 from A-E or 1 F
  1. Free Calls & Text
    to GLOBE/TM
    10 min calls & 200 SMS
  2. Free Calls & Text
    5 min calls & 25 SMS
    Calls & Texts to
    10 Destinations**
    20 mins IDD & 10 ISMS
  4. Free Mobile SURFING
    3 hours
  5. Free SUPER ONE
    Unlimitted Calls + texts
  6. Free SUPER SURF
    Unlimited Surfing
Step 3: Add a FREE HANDSET Samsung E2120 / Nokia 1680 Samsung C3053 / Nokia 2690 Samsung C3510 / Nokia X3 BlackBerry Curve 8520 / HTC Tattoo Samsung B7610 / Nokia X6 iPhone 3GS 16GB / BlackBerry Bold 9700
RATES: P6.50/min to Globe/TM
P7.50 to Other Networks
P6.00/min to Globe/TM
P6.50 to Other Networks

the fine print:

*For Plans 299 and 499, you may also choose E using P100 from your consumable load.

**US, Canada, Guam, Hawaii, Alaska, Singapore, Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Thailand.

***Each freebie and consumable amount shall have a term of thirty (30) days from date of activation. Unused freebies and consumable ammount will not be carried-over to the next month.

****Enrollment to the MY FULLY LOADED Plan freebies will auto-renew every thrity (30) days unless subscriber opts-out by going to the Globe Store or calling the hotline (730-1000). Request for change in FREEBIE should be done (4) days before or after your cut-off period reflected in your bill statement.

*****Availament of a free handset comes with a minimum of 24 months subscription period. Subjected to Proof of Financial Capacity submitted.

ALL-YOU-CAN mobile services applicable to calls & text to Globe, TM & Tattoo subsribers.

Super Surf also available for BlackBerry handsets and only covers unlimited internet when used on BlackBerry APN. For unlimited access on both Internet APN and BlackBerry APN, subscribe to Super Surf for BlackBerry MAX for only P1,500/month.

Part 2: What the freebie actually is.

Step 1: Choose your PLAN Plan 299 Plan 499 Plan 999 Plan 1799 Plan 2499 Plan 3799
Step 2: Boost with FREEBIES Choose 1 from A-D* Choose 2 from A-D* Choose 3 from A-E Choose 5 from A-E Choose 7 from A-E Choose 9 from A-E or 1 F
  1. 10 min calls & 200 SMS to Globe / TM PLUS consumable amount^
  2. 5 min calls & 25 SMS to OTHER NETWORKS PLUS consumable amount^
  3. 20 mins IDD & 10 ISMS to 10 International Destinations** PLUS consumable amount^
  4. 3 hours Mobile SURFING PLUS consumable amount^
  5. Unlimitted Calls + texts to 1 GLOBE NUMBER (Super One) PLUS consumable amount^
  6. Unlimited Surfing (Super Surf) PLUS consumable amount^
Step 3: Add a FREE HANDSET Samsung E2120 / Nokia 1680 Samsung C3053 / Nokia 2690 Samsung C3510 / Nokia X3 BlackBerry Curve 8520 / HTC Tattoo Samsung B7610 / Nokia X6 iPhone 3GS 16GB / BlackBerry Bold 9700
RATES: P6.50/min to Globe/TM
P7.50 to Other Networks
P6.00/min to Globe/TM
P6.50 to Other Networks

The FREEBIES are a lot more clearer now..

I hate it when they breakup the lines and say free! I really thought Β it was Free calls and text to Globe/TM, albeit, unli call and text.

Good thing this ‘free’ is really free this time unlike the (previous?) G-Plans (non-consumable plans)!!!

^consumable amounts can ONLY be used for calls, text, and mobile surfing. Share-A-Load, wallpaper downloads, ringtone downloads, and others will be charged on top of your bill!

Part 3: Explanation.

You get to consume the amount that you pay for plus freebies unlike the G-Plans (that I think Globe is still offering).

Gotta love these consumable plans! I am currently on a 250 consumable extension line and it is really flexible! (but now I’m planning to switch to this)

Here are some examples.

First: 299 (E)

What you get: unlimited calls and texts to only 1 Globe/TM number and consume 199 for other things*

You pay: 299**

Second: Plan 299 (A)

What you get: 10 min calls & 200 SMS to Globe/TM and you get use the 299 for other things* or in a different perspective, 10 mins +Β 499 texts to Globe or 56 mins of call + 200 SMS to Globe… sweet πŸ™‚

You pay: 299**

Third: Plan 499 (A, E)

What you get: 10 min calls, 200 SMS to Globe/TM, unlimited calls and text to 1 Globe number and consume 399 for other things*

You pay: 499**

Fourth: Plan 499 (E, E)

What you get: unlimited calls and text to 2 Globe numbers and consume 299 for other things*

You pay: 499 only**

Fifth: Plan 1799 (A, A, D, E, E) [I guess by now you get the point]

What you get: 20 min call, 200 SMS to Globe/TM, 3hours mobile surfing, unlimited calls and text to 2 Globe numbers and consume 1,799 for other things* (P200 is not consumed)

You pay: 1,799**

* consume the total amount (example 199) for 199 text messages, 30 min for Globe-to-Globe call, OR 9 hours mobile surfing (example 299) 299 text messages or 46 mins of Globe-to-Globe calls, OR 14 hours of mobile surfing

**if you did not go over your consumable balance or avail of other services

Part 4: Verdict.

If you are on a tight budget and Β only call and text people sometimes and have a significant other subscribed to Globe the Plan 299 (E) is perfect because you get to enjoy unlimited texting and calling to your significant other and Β use the 199 for texting or calling your family members and other friends or surfing the net (Google Maps navigation, checking email, or Google searching on the fly).

I like it and I set it as an example because my bill last month sky rocketed to 850 pesos instead of the usual 250, because my significant other likes to ask for load and avail of UNLITXT and of course I have to reply to all the messages sent to me.

I don’t text a lot and most of my load is consumed when replying to people with UNLITXT!

Part 5: Other information (FYI)

  • Lock-in period is 1 year for a subscriber who did not avail of a handset. 2 years for those who availed for a handset.
  • There is a early termination fee of P550 if you want to cancel out early. (You still need to pay for the handset if you avail of it)
  • Unused freebies will not carry-over to the next month.
  • You can change your freebies as often as every month. (let’s say your significant other does not want to load up on July, then opt for A instead of E for July)
  • Plan 999 and above will NOT consume P100 from your consumable amount when availing of the SUPER ONE freebie (E) [another perspective of the first fine print]
  • You shall not unlock the phone given to you by Globe. (do it after the lock-in period hehe’)
  • You can also avail for other handsets than the ones provided.
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95 Comments for this entry

  • qwerty

    planning to get 1799 plan (habol ko yung blackberry phone eh).. can I share-a-load if ever? ‘coz I might not consume all of it..

    • roiji

      i believe, the cost will be on top of your bill. so, you will have to pay 1950 if you shared 150 pesos of load. (you have P1 transaction fee). this applied to my Globe 250 GFlex extension. I don’t know if the same applies for the My Fully Loaded plan..

  • Mimi

    Hello. Just wanted to as what are the requirements for applying for this plan? I wanted to get the 299 plan hehehe. ^^

    • roiji
      • Proof of Billing Address: waybill (air21 delivery), meralco, bank statement, etc..
      • Proof of Income: ITR, certificate of employment with signature and compensation, 1 month computerized payslip
      • 2 Proof of Identification, at least one should be Government supplied
      • Other
        • At least 18 years old
        • Minimum Gross Monthly Income of Php 10,000
        • Contact numbers (landline or mobile) for verification

      more details can be found here:

  • Mimi

    Aw.. I’m still a college student, so it means I can’t apply for it?

    • roiji

      you could ask your mom/dad for the proper documentations…
      or ask globe personally. i think they wouldn’t be that strict with students and it’s just plan 299..

  • Mimi

    Hmm thank you very much Sir Roiji, I’ll be asking Globe tomorrow. I hope I would be able to subscribe to the 299 plan.

    And wait another question, if I subscribe to the 299 plan, can I use UNLITXT or not?

    • roiji

      yes you can subscribe to unlitxt but, as far as i know, it will be on top of your bill.. meaning you will not just pay 299, but more. UNLITXT will not be deducted from your 299 consumable amount.

  • aubrey

    if i subscribe to the 299 plan,will i pay 299 only or will there be other charges for starting the plan? and if i register to service like immortaltxt and immortalcall,it will be carried out on my bill? or will it be deducted from my consumable amount? tnx :))

    • roiji

      with my current line as basis, you will only pay 299.
      as for other services like immortaltxt (afaik has already ended) will be on top of your bill — 299 + immortaltxt amount.
      it will not be deducted from your consumable amount. πŸ™‚

  • inchang

    so if want to choose 299E.. my monthly bill would only be,. 299? because i got confused from the other site i saw.. he stated that if i chose plan 299 plus freebies E.. my monthly billing would be P560..

  • rehinagrasia

    what abou the free phone? if i avail for example a 299 plan, and I get the free phone, then on the next month i want it to cut already, will I have the phone for myself? Or do I still need to pay for it? Does this not work like my super plan, which is monthly?

    • roiji

      you will have the phone all to yourself BUT you have to pay for the phone in FULL + the administration fee of P500 to cut your plan.
      please ask the agent for your early termination fee (administration fee) it may change without notice.

  • enz

    can i use the service (eg. consumable amount + free 3 hrs internet) to another phone (not from globe)?

    • roiji

      yes. as long as the phone accepts the Globe sim and you’re good to go. just set up the APN (gprs/internet settings) on that phone. you can get the APN settings through Globe’s customer support or on their service centers.

  • jay_s


    what if i am subscribed to My Fully Loaded plan 999, then i want to subscribe to SuperPlan Unli 599, will that be deducted from my consumable load?

  • jay_s

    hehehe thanks roiji. So billed on top of my 999?

  • indiblue

    how could i check if i still have remaining free text and mins? i got plan 999 and goodthing globe have an exclusive offer to our company free bb on plan 999,, sure b na d na chacharge on top of the bill pag nka super 1 ka??

    • roiji

      i have no idea on how you can check your balance. you can call 211 using your phone or chat with globe’s customer support on their website.
      if you are on plan 999 then freebie E (super one) will not be charged on top / consume 100 from your consumable.
      you can only register up to 3 super ones. i have no information if you can consume the 999 for more super ones.

  • let

    helo…im new in using this fully loaded,,i have my 499 plan and (A,D)..i jst confused about it i have GPlan, Gplan has 450txt and 20mins call…is dis similar with 499ful loaded? or the 499 has only your choices of A,D?i can’t ask much kz wen i went to the globe center..under renovation sila..ingay pa.pls reply to this…

    • roiji

      The My Fully Loaded plan is not the same with GPlan.
      Naka set na ang mga “freebies” sa GPlan AT wala siyang consumable amount. Yun ang disadvantage over the new My Fully Loaded Plan.
      If you are pertaining to GPlan GText 500 you will get 500 text and 20 minutes call while paying for 500 pesos. That’s 500 text and 20 minutes calls to Globe and other networks as well.
      That’s it. Any excess text messages, calls, mms, and mobile surfing will be charged on top of you bill.
      (Note that I did not use “free” text and “free” minutes because they are not really free for non-consumable plans [GPlan])
      On the other hand, with My Fully Loaded plan 499, if you maximize the consumable plan only to Globe network you can have up to a total of 899 text 20 minutes of calls only to Globe. While paying only 499 instead of 500.
      The great advantage of the My Fully Loaded Plans over GPlan is its flexibility.

    • roiji

      For your My Fully Loaded Plan 499 you can have any of the following options:

      • A,A and 499 to consume
      • A,B and 499 to consume
      • A,C and 499 to consume
      • A,D and 499 to consume
      • A,E and 399 to consume
      • B,C and 499 to consume
      • B,D and 499 to consume
      • B,E and 399 to consume
      • C,D and 499 to consume
      • C,E and 399 to consume
      • D,D and 499 to consume
      • D,E and 399 to consume
      • E,E and 299 to consume
  • let

    ok i understand if i reach the 499, i can use the freebies na..without any extra charge in my bill…ok thanks….

    • roiji

      it’s actually the other way around.
      your freebies will be consumed first before your consumable amount.
      any excess that you consumed beyond your freebies then beyond your consumable amount will be charged on top of your 499 bill.

  • let

    i avail it yesterday aug.18 2010, why its not activate it yet?kelan ko maggamit to?

  • Laarni

    hello ask ko lang gano katagal yung processing?

    and possible kaya na 2 plans (same P299 plan) ang iavail ko..


    • roiji

      processing is on the spot. unlike sa sun cellular na kailangan mo pang bumalik ulit the following day only to find out na hindi pa pala nila napapadala sa head quarters nila yung papeles mo for processing kasi na ipit sa ibang shoebox.
      if you have the complete requirements and the financial capacity to pay for the plan is will be approved on the spot.

      it may be possible to avail of 2 lines under your name. ask the attendant for verification in this matter.

      • Laarni

        thanks roiji… really makukuha na kagad.. sa sun kasi almost two weeks before ko nakuha yung plan ko.. irritating kasi nasa manila ako that time.. and sa bulacan ako nag-apply..

        sana nga pede two lines.. para mas tipid hehe..

        thanks a lot.. you really help us a lot πŸ˜€

        God Bless!!

  • Laarni

    pag nag-apply ka, yung unang payment is 299 din diba?

  • Fran

    I availed of a 999 fully loaded plan last saturday, sim was activated 2 days after (monday). the freebies i chose were (1) free calls and texts to 1 number and (2) free surf for 3 hours. i checked my unbilled charges today and it amounted to 1K+ already! is that my running balance?

    • roiji

      running balance? yung hindi pa nababayaran?
      i wouldn’t know kasi i am not subscribed to the my fully loaded plan. i am only subscribed to g-flex extension.
      have you asserted that the freebies were already activated and that ‘running balance’ is what’s left after the consumable amount has been deducted?

  • myung

    What should I do? The agent never explained to me that I CANNOT use the consumable 1799 to shared-a-load setup! I was fooled! Please advise.

    • roiji

      you can terminate your line this early. i have read in their fliers that the early termination fee is around P500.
      or, drastically, you can file a class action lawsuit if it exists here in the Philippines pointing that the ‘consumable’ label is misleading and is not really consumable for all Globe’s services. read your contract if this is possible also.
      i am also a “victim” of that share-a-load thing…

  • myung

    I really need to take drastic steps. I will let you know once I have everything settled. Thank you for your support. We don’t want to add another victim, do we?

  • randy

    What is unbilled charges in my fully loaded plan?
    And outstanding balances?
    Plan 499 with A and B in freebies.
    Thank you

    • roiji

      i don’t know specifically, but i guess unbilled charges are fees that have you don’t have to pay yet.
      the outstanding balance are the fees that you have to pay before the deadline.

  • myung

    The phone was successfully returned and a letter was written for them to close my account. I did not get my 1799 back! So, I spent that much to use a free phone in a very short time, send some SMS messages, and share some credits to friends. That was all! Considering the consumer rights, I have all the claims. They cannot say no to such return for their sham “consumables.”

    Randy, those unbilled charges are those services you enjoyed and are not to be deducted from your 499 plan because they are not “consumables.” These are share-a-load amounts you passed to friends, some special mobile Internet services you have accessed (like freebie D that one of their representatives explained to be not so free because it will depend on the mobile unit one takes as a free phone), and whatever else they’d feel adding on top of your 499. So by the time your bill comes, good luck!

    Why should I learn these things the hard way?! Sad to say, they caused me pocket damage and neural damage, too, for making me feel so stressed. The only thing they say, always hoping to calm you, “We’re sorry for the inconvenience.” Yeah, right!

  • funkngruvn

    nagavail ako plan499 nung august 18, 2010, nagbayad ako 499, naactivate yung linya ng August 20. pero kanina nagtext 290 “Globe Advisory: Your Globe bill for August 20 amounting to P531.19 has already been sent for delivery. Payments and other transactions made after August 20 are not included in this bill.” di ko naman masyado ginagamit yung linya, wala pa 100 text ang nasend ko, at 5 mins na call lang naitawag ko, bakit kaya P531.19 na yung bill?

    • roiji

      di naman pwedeng tax kasi magiging 558.88 yan… at kasama na tax dyan sa 499 na yan eh..
      we wouldn’t know bakit naging 531 yan until dumating bill mo.. o kung mearon kang online account sa globe you can check out your bill there before dumating yung paper bill.

  • myung

    Try looking into the dates of my post and you get the exact number of days I had the free phone with me.

    I am thankful to the Omnipotent for bringing in the way to free myself from such problem.

    Thanks for the space, dude. At least I got a release. (^_^)

  • Fran

    I consulted with several CSRs and they have varying answers! bottom line is that I can’t have my line cut anymore πŸ™

  • myung

    To add, if you can explain it very well and it’s within a week, I guess they can’t say no to you returning the phone and terminating the plan (per Philippine consumer rights).

  • maldita29


    same thing happened to me.. got my line activated august 18. ang nag-appear sa bill ko ngayon, i have to pay P638.51. hindi ko alam bakit umabot ng ganun.:(

  • mc09

    kakatawag ko lang sa CSR to change yung freebies ko sana for Sept 11. Ayun sabi kailangan daw 7 days before cut-off na. Samantalang ang linaw linaw ng nakasulat sa terms & conditions nila dpat atleast 4days lang. Ano ba yan, basta nalang sila magpalit. Tapos I asked if I can get 2-E with my 499 kasi yun yung nabasa ko dito, hindi daw pwede yon. WTF?! Hindi ko alam kung wala lang alam yung kausap ko or what. Meron ba sa inyo naka 2-E with their 499 plan? Hay… Parang nagsisisi tuloy ako…

    • roiji

      yes, technically you can get 2Es using Php200 of your consumable.
      it’s their fault for not explaining very well na hindi ka pwedeng mag 2E.
      wala naman sinabi sa brochure na hindi pwedeng 2E sa 499 so why not di ba?
      as consumers we wouldn’t know what can be (or cannot be) done unless they explain it CLEARLY.

      • mc09

        hay… sinabi mo pa. magugulat ka nalang pag tumawag ka and sasabihin nagbago na sila ng terms. isa pa nakakainis sa plan na to, hindi mo malalaman kung ilan nalang natitira sa freebies mo unless you manually count it. nakakapag sisi talaga.

  • yourguardianangel

    i was fooled by the g-plan 500. all along when i talked to the agent i thought 500 is consumable. i was wrong when i received my first bill. now my contract ended and wanted to terminate but an agent over their hotline talked to me about the myfullyloaded 299 with a rebate of 150 pesos in a 24-month lock in period. i grabbed the opportunity only to find out that share-a-load is not included!

  • yourguardianangel

    should i terminate it? my plan was just activated now.

    • roiji

      if you don’t often share-a-load then don’t terminate.
      you save 200 pesos (from GPlan 500 to MFLP 299) every month than before.
      unless the GPlan 500 “freebies” are perfect for you, don’t terminate.
      GPlan is not as flexible as the “all” consumable plans (GFlex and MFLP) so you have to take that convenience into consideration.

  • zup

    is share a load be deducted to your plan??or it will be an additional payment?? plz do reply cuz i avail for the 499 plan on globe..

    • roiji

      it will not be deducted from your plan.
      it is an additional payment.
      unless someone presents me with his MFLP statement of account that indicates that their share-a-load was deducted from their consumable amount, then I’m sticking with my experience with my GFlex 250 extension plan.

  • phillip

    hi roiji,.

    just want to ask…i got the plan 999 last friday, and waited till now (monday) for the sim card to be activated. does it really take that long for the sim to be activated? i still cant use me new postpaid sim till now.
    thanks for the info.

  • phillip

    ang sabi din sakn ng globe personnel, na maactivate lang ang mga freebies once maconsume na ang 999?…….tama ba un?

    • roiji

      it should be the case. once na nag subscribe ka dapat pwede mo nang gamitin freebies mo.. logic says so.. and that case is not stated in the terms of agreement.

  • owen

    okay so I have a gflex plan my monthly bill is 1200
    can I shift to this plan?

    I am also using a blackberry handset and I would like to use the BIS provided by globe…


    • roiji

      as long as you have ended your GFlex contract you can shift to this plan.
      i have no idea about Globe’s offering on Blackberry handsets. better asked the Globe reps in person regarding BIS on MFLP.

  • xobs

    hi. πŸ™‚ pwede ba macheck ung balance? kung nakakamagkano na ko ng consume nung “consumable” load nila?

  • phillip

    hi again.

    may kailangan pa ba gawin para maactivate ang freebie na unlitext and call sa isang num after maconsume ang 999 sa plan 999?

    • roiji

      I don’t know the specifics but you just have to text a certain number to activate your freebies.
      You must do this at least 7 days before your monthly cut-off

  • Cherrie

    i availed the 499 Plan with B and D freebies and a handset just last night 092210., my sim is not yet activated but the CSR who assist me in business ctr I applied this plan told me it will be activated by today, while the CSRs on their hotline said it may get activated 3-5 days, maximum of 4 days, 24-48 hrs, they are not consistent..and since my sim is not yet activated until now, I don’t know how long will it take. I was totally confident with my decision because I assumed I wont exceed with the 499 limit But as I browse through the conversation, I’m worried what if it might happen to me. I just want to ask how many times will Globe send you a bill in a month, it seems like the 499 is good for 15 days only because of their cut-offs. Can you elaborate the cut-off and billing system of this plan if you just have an idea…

    Thank you so much!

    • roiji

      globe sends the bill once a month.
      your bill will usually arrive in 14 days after your cut off.
      if your cut of is one the 10th, you will receive the physical bill from the 15th ~ 24th.
      the billing does not start when you receive your bill. it already starts at the beginning of the new cut off, the 11th.
      so, you will still be billed even if your bill hasn’t arrived yet.
      i hope i answered your question πŸ™‚

  • Dre

    My friend availed of the plan499, and only brought his ID with him. (i know out of topic) πŸ˜‰ pero diba before the needed proof of billing and a whole lot of papers pa? Or pwede na ngayon valid ID or passport nalang?

    • roiji

      di naman whole lot of papers πŸ™‚ …
      dalawa lang na papel — proof of billing at proof of income.
      at dalawang ID — 1 gov’t issued + 1 company, school, another gov’t issued, etc..
      probably your friend already has an account sa globe kaya naka avail siya ng plan with only his ID.

    • Cherrie

      As for my application, they accepte mt TIN I.D and payslip only even without the proof of billing because the TIN id already has the address so they accepted that.

  • Cherrie

    My sim for Fully Loaded plan has been activated already, but when im adding my plan account to my globe online acct, the warning said my account is not existing. What should I do first when I was informed that my sim is already activated, should I call or do something to informed them also?

  • Cherrie

    Hi again!
    I would like to know if I can use the 232xxxxxxxx and 236xxxxxxxx for calls even if Im using the 499 plan? or it will be charged at the top of my bill padin?


  • phillip

    hi. may bayad pa ang pag ask ng balance s 2312?plan 999 knuha k, ask ako ng balance s 2312,.. may cnend cla n balance skn n p1022.ano tong blance?ang magagamit k pa o ngamit ko n?

  • Ayis

    hello, ask ko lang yung consumable amount ba na 299 pwede sha i-consume for call/txt sa ibang networks or para sa globe lang sha?

    • roiji

      you, can consume it for all regular calls/text to all networks locally.
      **232 or 236 service will not be deducted from your consumable. it will be charged on top of your 299.

  • Toni

    i just want to know, if ever i will avail the 499 fully loaded plan, with Cphone…how many years i will pay for it? 1? or 2?

  • Jem

    Hi. I see you know a lot about the My Fully Loaded Plan. I just had mine activated last 29th. I was told that my cut-off is every 9th of the month. I was told also that my first bill would cover 299 plus prorata charges. I was wondering if I need to consume my 199 just for 11 days to make the most out of it. I’m afraid though that if I do this, my 299 would just be doubled. I have only been using my line to text and call my superone number. What would you suggest? Thanks for any help. Apparently, no one from Globe could clarify this for me well enough.

    • roiji

      I am wondering why your cut-off is the 9th. Did you apply on that date? (You were activated after 20 days?)
      Your cut-off must be 29th because that is the day when it was activated/applied for.
      11 days of 299 would be around 110 pesos (pro-rata). So, I suggest you only consume 110 pesos to be on the safe side.
      My first bill (GFlex extension 250) was, if I remember correctly, was only a fraction of the 250, around 150 maybe. I need not to pay 150 because I have already paid 250.
      The next billing, I just have to pay 150 since they still have my 100 pesos as balance from the previous billing.

  • Russane

    I just want to know lang…my husband availed plan 499…coz he’s planning to share the half load of it to my number…is it ok…or is there another charges if his going to share a of 250 load?

    • roiji

      the shared load will be an additional charge on top of your 499 plan.
      if you share-a-load the amount of 250. your bill for that month will be 750* (499 + 250 shared load + 1 peso transaction fee)
      *disregarding other additional charges.

  • lance1028

    I availed of Plan 299 a few months back and so far, I’ve been happy with the service. So worth it since I’m not much of a user but I manage to maximize the freebies (10min and 200sms to globe) and the consumable amount (voice, sms, mms and data/3G/GPRS).
    I’m paying around 298.8 up to 380 monthly. Not bad.
    Better than prepaid sobra.

  • jL

    any rebates if I get a LINE ONLY plan? example? Or do i need to get a free phone and lock for 2 years, will i get also some rebates?

    • roiji

      you can get the My Fully Loaded Plan without availing of a phone (line only).
      without the phone your lock-in period will just be 1 year instead of 2 years with the phone.

  • noriel

    hi when can i change my freebie subscription?thanks

  • phillip


    tanong ko lang, magkano ang bayad mo sa first month mo?sabi kasi sakin nung pagavail ko na kailangan kong magadvance ng 1 month. plan 999 un. so nagadvance ako. nung nakita ko ang bill ko sa net, 1032 ang babayaran ko. pano to?

  • noriel

    your advanced payment will be deducted after few days before the due date of your payment.just alwyas check your balance due more often. same case with mine.

  • nightcrawler

    Same here, I was confused when I found out that I already have to pay 400 plus when my plan is only 299 and my line was just activated last week of September. I called the customer service hotline and then the representative told me that the advance MSF I paid upon delivery of my phone and sim will still be deducted either on my first billing or on my second billing. Near the end of the conversation, he told be that my records has been updated and the MSF fee was already deducted so I would only be paying 100 plus for my first bill.

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