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Globe My Fully Loaded Plan: Explained

by on Jul.04, 2010, under Reviews, Tech

Get MORE than what you pay for!

Introducing my FULLY LOADED PLAN

Globe’s BIGGER and BETTER Postpaid Plan!

* All-Consumable Plan for as low as P299

* PLUS! Amazing FREEBIES you can choos from and change as often as monthly


Promo runs from June 29 – August 31, 2010

Part 1: What the fliers say.

Choose from all-consumable plans with BIGGER and BETTER FREEBIES

Step 1: Choose your PLAN Plan 299 Plan 499 Plan 999 Plan 1799 Plan 2499 Plan 3799
Step 2: Boost with FREEBIES Choose 1 from A-D* Choose 2 from A-D* Choose 3 from A-E Choose 5 from A-E Choose 7 from A-E Choose 9 from A-E or 1 F
  1. Free Calls & Text
    to GLOBE/TM
    10 min calls & 200 SMS
  2. Free Calls & Text
    5 min calls & 25 SMS
    Calls & Texts to
    10 Destinations**
    20 mins IDD & 10 ISMS
  4. Free Mobile SURFING
    3 hours
  5. Free SUPER ONE
    Unlimitted Calls + texts
  6. Free SUPER SURF
    Unlimited Surfing
Step 3: Add a FREE HANDSET Samsung E2120 / Nokia 1680 Samsung C3053 / Nokia 2690 Samsung C3510 / Nokia X3 BlackBerry Curve 8520 / HTC Tattoo Samsung B7610 / Nokia X6 iPhone 3GS 16GB / BlackBerry Bold 9700
RATES: P6.50/min to Globe/TM
P7.50 to Other Networks
P6.00/min to Globe/TM
P6.50 to Other Networks

the fine print:

*For Plans 299 and 499, you may also choose E using P100 from your consumable load.

**US, Canada, Guam, Hawaii, Alaska, Singapore, Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Thailand.

***Each freebie and consumable amount shall have a term of thirty (30) days from date of activation. Unused freebies and consumable ammount will not be carried-over to the next month.

****Enrollment to the MY FULLY LOADED Plan freebies will auto-renew every thrity (30) days unless subscriber opts-out by going to the Globe Store or calling the hotline (730-1000). Request for change in FREEBIE should be done (4) days before or after your cut-off period reflected in your bill statement.

*****Availament of a free handset comes with a minimum of 24 months subscription period. Subjected to Proof of Financial Capacity submitted.

ALL-YOU-CAN mobile services applicable to calls & text to Globe, TM & Tattoo subsribers.

Super Surf also available for BlackBerry handsets and only covers unlimited internet when used on BlackBerry APN. For unlimited access on both Internet APN and BlackBerry APN, subscribe to Super Surf for BlackBerry MAX for only P1,500/month.

Part 2: What the freebie actually is.

Step 1: Choose your PLAN Plan 299 Plan 499 Plan 999 Plan 1799 Plan 2499 Plan 3799
Step 2: Boost with FREEBIES Choose 1 from A-D* Choose 2 from A-D* Choose 3 from A-E Choose 5 from A-E Choose 7 from A-E Choose 9 from A-E or 1 F
  1. 10 min calls & 200 SMS to Globe / TM PLUS consumable amount^
  2. 5 min calls & 25 SMS to OTHER NETWORKS PLUS consumable amount^
  3. 20 mins IDD & 10 ISMS to 10 International Destinations** PLUS consumable amount^
  4. 3 hours Mobile SURFING PLUS consumable amount^
  5. Unlimitted Calls + texts to 1 GLOBE NUMBER (Super One) PLUS consumable amount^
  6. Unlimited Surfing (Super Surf) PLUS consumable amount^
Step 3: Add a FREE HANDSET Samsung E2120 / Nokia 1680 Samsung C3053 / Nokia 2690 Samsung C3510 / Nokia X3 BlackBerry Curve 8520 / HTC Tattoo Samsung B7610 / Nokia X6 iPhone 3GS 16GB / BlackBerry Bold 9700
RATES: P6.50/min to Globe/TM
P7.50 to Other Networks
P6.00/min to Globe/TM
P6.50 to Other Networks

The FREEBIES are a lot more clearer now..

I hate it when they breakup the lines and say free! I really thought  it was Free calls and text to Globe/TM, albeit, unli call and text.

Good thing this ‘free’ is really free this time unlike the (previous?) G-Plans (non-consumable plans)!!!

^consumable amounts can ONLY be used for calls, text, and mobile surfing. Share-A-Load, wallpaper downloads, ringtone downloads, and others will be charged on top of your bill!

Part 3: Explanation.

You get to consume the amount that you pay for plus freebies unlike the G-Plans (that I think Globe is still offering).

Gotta love these consumable plans! I am currently on a 250 consumable extension line and it is really flexible! (but now I’m planning to switch to this)

Here are some examples.

First: 299 (E)

What you get: unlimited calls and texts to only 1 Globe/TM number and consume 199 for other things*

You pay: 299**

Second: Plan 299 (A)

What you get: 10 min calls & 200 SMS to Globe/TM and you get use the 299 for other things* or in a different perspective, 10 mins + 499 texts to Globe or 56 mins of call + 200 SMS to Globe… sweet 🙂

You pay: 299**

Third: Plan 499 (A, E)

What you get: 10 min calls, 200 SMS to Globe/TM, unlimited calls and text to 1 Globe number and consume 399 for other things*

You pay: 499**

Fourth: Plan 499 (E, E)

What you get: unlimited calls and text to 2 Globe numbers and consume 299 for other things*

You pay: 499 only**

Fifth: Plan 1799 (A, A, D, E, E) [I guess by now you get the point]

What you get: 20 min call, 200 SMS to Globe/TM, 3hours mobile surfing, unlimited calls and text to 2 Globe numbers and consume 1,799 for other things* (P200 is not consumed)

You pay: 1,799**

* consume the total amount (example 199) for 199 text messages, 30 min for Globe-to-Globe call, OR 9 hours mobile surfing (example 299) 299 text messages or 46 mins of Globe-to-Globe calls, OR 14 hours of mobile surfing

**if you did not go over your consumable balance or avail of other services

Part 4: Verdict.

If you are on a tight budget and  only call and text people sometimes and have a significant other subscribed to Globe the Plan 299 (E) is perfect because you get to enjoy unlimited texting and calling to your significant other and  use the 199 for texting or calling your family members and other friends or surfing the net (Google Maps navigation, checking email, or Google searching on the fly).

I like it and I set it as an example because my bill last month sky rocketed to 850 pesos instead of the usual 250, because my significant other likes to ask for load and avail of UNLITXT and of course I have to reply to all the messages sent to me.

I don’t text a lot and most of my load is consumed when replying to people with UNLITXT!

Part 5: Other information (FYI)

  • Lock-in period is 1 year for a subscriber who did not avail of a handset. 2 years for those who availed for a handset.
  • There is a early termination fee of P550 if you want to cancel out early. (You still need to pay for the handset if you avail of it)
  • Unused freebies will not carry-over to the next month.
  • You can change your freebies as often as every month. (let’s say your significant other does not want to load up on July, then opt for A instead of E for July)
  • Plan 999 and above will NOT consume P100 from your consumable amount when availing of the SUPER ONE freebie (E) [another perspective of the first fine print]
  • You shall not unlock the phone given to you by Globe. (do it after the lock-in period hehe’)
  • You can also avail for other handsets than the ones provided.
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97 Comments for this entry

  • jove

    oh i’ll check on that, thanks a lot.

  • Merg

    Hello. may plan 999 ako.. ask ko lang kung un consumable ko ba ay pwede call & text sa globe and other network and pwede ba gamitin un sa mobile internet? and regarding the freebies, automatic po ba un?thanks in advance

    • roiji

      you can use your consumable amount for the following services: calls & text to same and others networks, time & KB browsing
      all other services will be charged on top of your bill.
      freebies are not automatically set by globe. you must enroll them at least 7 days before your cut-off.
      should you want to change your freebies for the next month, enroll them at least 7 days before your cut-off.

  • Ystilo

    I have just received my iPhone 4 postpaid (P3,799 plan) availing the SUPERSURF (F) and an add on MY SUPERDOU for a total of P4,398 a month. I’m just wondering how much would my consumable be.
    Thank you…

  • kassy

    magkano nirerequire na monthly nacome sa plan 2499?

  • Leo

    Ask ko lang po, yung sa consumable ba, can i use it for subscribing sa atxt?thanks

  • Leo

    thanks for the quick response! ^_^

  • Pau

    I’m planning to get Consumable plan 999, Can I treat my postpaid plan like a prepaid na pede mag enrol to a service like unlimited texting for 1day, etc? Ung mga services na pedend iregister as a prepaid user, is it also available to postpaid plan like this???

    • roiji

      there are certain services that are not available to a postpaid subscriber.
      an example of which is the 5-day unlitxt (or is it the 3-days unli?).
      Only 1 day and 1 month is available to postpaid subscribers.
      Also, these services will be charged on top of your bill!
      Basically you cannot use your consumable amount for share-a-load, unlitxt, etc, if that’s what you’re thinking, except for regular calls, regular text, and internet browsing.

  • kathrina

    hello can i ask the breakdown sa billing correct me if i’m wrong i have a plan 999, u say its consumable ryt?pag nag avail lng ako ng promos tsaka madadagdagan ang bill ko?

    • roiji

      yes, 999 is consumable. use it for regular calls, regular texts, internet browsing.
      pag nag avail ka ng promo like unlitxt20 your bill will be 1,019

  • Nice

    Hi.. My plan is Consumable 499 + handset..can i upgrade my plan to All-Unli Plan (My Super UNLI..unlimited call and text to globe/TM) since it’s worth 599..thanks!=)

    • roiji

      yes, you can upgrade for free if you have already ended your 2-year contract.
      if you want to upgrade now, you may have to pay Php 10,000 + cost of handset + administration fee (500 ata)…

  • totz

    hi, lets say nag take advantage ako sa plan 499, and i want to have the bb8520 handset so i will pay an additional of 6k for the handset right? now let’s say the original amount of the handset is 12k. now what if i want to cancel my plan na , should i pay globe another 6k for the blackberry? plus the disconnection fee of 550? ganun ba yun?

    • roiji

      yes, you have to pay globe and additional 6k for the handset. plus the disconnection fee of 10k (not 550) [or, the disconnection fee may depend upon your contract].

  • keith

    hi! what if plan 2499 ang kinuha ko. i have 1500 na consumable load.. san ko siya pwedeng gamitin? pwede ko ba sya ishare? or ung i-share-a-load ko madadagdag pa dun sa 2499 na plan ko.. thanks..

    • roiji

      pwede mo siyang gamitin sa regular na pagtawag, pag text at pag iinternet lamang.
      yung i-shashare-a-load mo eh dadagdag sa bill mo.

  • kathrina

    ask ko lang kasama po ba ung wap browsing or internet browsing services sa consumable or it will go on the top of my bill?im using plan 999 blackberry 8520.

  • cid

    pag ba nag avail ako ng plan sa globe lets say 499 and i only used it for regular calls and texts would i be able to exceed the 499 consumable??


    • roiji

      yes, you will be able to exceed the 499 consumable until you reach your credit limit.
      any consumption that exceeds your 499 will be added to your bill.

  • veranoob

    hello po,pardon me for my shallow understanding. i just availed the plan 999 all consumable. then pinili ko pong freebie yung free mobile surfing and yung unlimited call to one number. ask ko lang, how much will i pay monthly? and yung freebie FREE po ba yun? kasi FREEBIE ansabi ng globe eh. so i assume na its for free. thanks!

    • roiji

      You’d pay 999. It’s that simple.
      Yes, FREEBIES are FREE. :}
      Be wary though, any excess you consume beyond your freebies and consumable will be an additional charge to your 999.

  • veranoob

    thank you for the quick response. I worried a lot, should’ve research first before applying for globe plan. now I’m their slave for 2 years. 🙁 thank you for the info. now i still need to buy card for my prepaid number. It scared the hell out of me when I found out that Globe all consumable plan is complicated. Your blog was very helpful. 😀 thank you again!

  • mhonnick

    hi,im using 999 plan with handset,wat if gs2 q magpalit ng plan to 499,pwde b un?thanks

    • roiji

      yes, pwede.
      BUT, unless ended na ang iyong 2-year lock in (contract), you have to pay 10k + 500 administration fee (di ko alam kung applicable pa to) + yung remaining value ng phone.

  • john

    ask ko lang unlicall na ba ung plan 999

  • april

    magkano ang charge ng text pag globe to toher networks? 1 peso ba or 50 cents lng?

  • april

    how can i monitor my plan? pano ko mlalaman kung nkakamgkano na ako ng ngagamit sa consumable at kung ilan pa ung natitira sa freebies ko?

    also, for example ginamit ko ung freebi ko na 10 minutes call,direct dial ba agd or meron pang mga prefix #?

  • corroi

    hello my plan 499 ako…wala akong add ons. freebies ko ai free mobile surfing at idd kol, ang mobile surfing bha ai 3 hours lang allowed for the month??? hindi bha into unli kol and text sa tm at globe??? instantly huhuhu concious na ako masyado sa balance ko.. paano bha mag inquire sa balance ng plan.. tnx pls help me.. im waiting….

    • roiji

      mobile surfing is FREE 3 hours per month, you can still surf more than 3 hours but it will be deducted from your consumable…
      nope, unli call to Globe/TM is an add on (My Super UNLI/My Super DUO) (599 pesos)
      if you don’t want that add on, you can opt for Freebie E (unli call/text to one Globe/TM number) but 100 will be deducted from your consumable amount.

      you can inquire about your balance by sending ‘PLAN UNBILLED’ to 2312

  • Jamie

    Hi! thanks sa informative na blog na to. (mas informative pa sa mga call center agents ng globe na magugulo) hay e di 1500 pala un babayaran ko kasi 500 un na share-a-load ko with plan 999. Isa pa pong question, pano ako mageenroll ng freebies? di pala automatic un. sabi lang sakin pag ichechange dun tatawag sa globe,
    thanks a lot

    • roiji

      yes, 1500 ang babayaran mo (1499, actually [the piso transaction fee is deductible from your consumable amout])
      you have to call Globe via 211 on your Globe handyphone to change your freebies.
      however, the changes will not take place immediately. it will take into effect on your next cutoff.
      also, it is advised you apply for a new set of freebies at least 4 days before your cutoff.

  • dennis

    good day, very informative yung blog mo, anyway, bakit 10k ang disconnection fee? sa nabasa ko dun sa “contract” yung amount nung handset availed saka administrative fee na 550. I enrolled on plan 499. thanks.

    • roiji

      That is the disconnection fee for GPlans (the previous Globe Plans).
      I haven’t yet availed of My Super Plans. So I don’t know how much the disconnection fee is for the My Fully Loaded Plan.
      Globe My Fully Loaded Plan disconnection fee is around 500 (according to their fliers).

  • che

    hi, ano ba requirements sa My super plan 499 + corby2? housewife lang ako so wala me work, i dont even have a proof of billing under my name.. i only have an extension credit card from my husband.. pls reply poh.. thanks!

    • roiji

      2 Valid IDs. (1 gov’t issued)
      Proof of Billing.
      Proof of Income.
      you can use your husband’s credentials na lang…
      apply for the account under his name tapos ikaw na lang ang gumamit at magbayad.. :}

  • maldita21

    Hi I’m inot Plan 999 w/ free handset Blackberry 8520. My question is if I register to like Blackberry Social that’s P300 will it be on top of my bill or not?

    • roiji

      AFAIK, it will be charged on top of your bill. Please double check with Globe, I don’t have a BB so I have no idea, sorry.
      Didn’t they offer you BB Plans instead of Plan 999?

  • gooinn

    o, oh! if a plan 999 registered to BB social it will be billed on top of the consumable amount pala?

  • Raine Aquino

    hi roiji, nag-avail ako ng supersurf bb curve 8520 plan 999. ask ko lang kung automatic nang pwede mag-unli surf? and how about the BB services. kailangan ko pa ba mag-resgister?

  • carla


    Here are some real-world scenarios for a My Fully Loaded Plan:

    Plan 299 = Php299 usable credits + 200 SMS + 10 minutes call [Freebie A] = ~ Php560 value

    Plan 499 = Php499 usable credits + 2 * (200 SMS + 10 minutes call) [2 * Freebie A] = ~Php1,000 value

    Plan 999 = Php999 usable credits + 3 * (200 SMS + 10 minutes call) [3 * Freebie A] = ~Php1,800 value

    it’s really confusing…
    how much do I have to pay if ever
    I subscribe to Plan 499
    for example? kasi they have
    a plan but having a value din,
    meaning I still have to pay
    those FREEbies? diba kaya nga
    sila FREE no payment at all?
    so If I avail for plan499
    how much will I pay every month?

  • abby

    hi, would like to ask how to check my running balance on postpaid? is there a way to know how much is left on your consumable? thanks

  • razhiel

    i am a subcriber of plan 499 with free corby 2..wht will happen if i will not pay my bills…kukunin ba nila yung phone..ipapakulong ba nila ako nakakabadtrip kasi sabi na all consumable so i decided na magregister na lang lagi ng unlimited..kaso pagdating ng bill ko umabot ng 900 kasi i need to pay the plan plus yung nagamit kong load sa pag-uunli..just wondering

    • roiji

      yes, they will hunt you down, take your phone, take all your belongings, and burn your house down in the process!!


      If you don’t pay your bills this will happen:
      1.) your charges will stack up up to your credit limit (Php2,500 for some)
      2.) you cannot make any calls and text after the second month.
      3.) your line will automatically be cut once you reach your credit limit.
      3.) you will not be allowed to make any further transactions with Globe (sign up for another line, etc), if you still want to you have to pay your previous bill.
      4.) you can still keep you Globe-locked phone.

      • razhiel

        hahahhahaha..muntik na kong magkaheart attack..promise natawa ako dun..anyway..thank you for your reply..your great with your sense of humor…keep it up..

  • Miss Elaina

    Hi, my boyfriend and I applied for a 299 plan. How long will we wait to know if our plan was approved? Will they inform us that its disapproved? I think its been 3-4 days since we’ve applied. Thanks

    • roiji

      it usually takes a week…. did you apply online? try following up via @talk2globe or their Online Chat Assistant.
      If you applied on the Globe Business Center, they can approve right there as long as you already have documents on hand.

  • jheng

    Hi.. I’m a subscriber for 499 and just for curiosity I enrolled in SUPERSURF 1 day only. Is it gonna be deducted from my consumable or will it be added to my bill? Thanks!

  • Irene

    HI.. i would like to ask how many hours are free for mobile surfing on plan 999? thanks!

    • roiji

      it depends on how much freebie D you subscribed.
      1 Freebie D is equal to 3 hours mobiles surfing (your settings has to be KB-based to use this freebie)
      you can have up to 3 Freebie D’s
      Also, you can use your 999 consumable amount to surf the net at 5 pesos per 15 minutes. (your settings has to be TIME-based)

  • Jhng

    pano po magregister ng unli txt o kya call sa postpaid plan. consumable plan 499 po ako eh.. alam ko na macharge un on top of my bill. pero hnd ko po alam kung magregister.. ano ba itype ko n keyword? at san isend?

    • roiji

      for UnliTx to all network:
      To register, text MYSUPERTXTALL ON to 8888
      * the service will auto-renew every 30days until you send MYSUPERTXTALL STOP to 8888

      for Unli Txt to TM/Globe:
      send MYSUPERTXT ON to 8888
      * the service will auto-renew every 30days until you send MYSUPERTXT OFF to 8888

      for Unli Call & Txt to TM/Globe:
      send MYSUPERUNLI ON to 8888
      * the service will auto-renew every 30days until you send MYSUPERUNLI OFF to 8888

  • lynlyn

    hi! if i apply for 299 plan, then its like equivalent to 299 prepaid load? also, if i’ve consumed 299 already, will globe send me a message telling me i’ve reached my limit or will it just continue and will add up on my bill? thanks. =)

    • roiji

      in a way it is equivalent to 299 prepaid load. share-a-load or other value added services such as unlitxt will be charged on top of your 299.
      globe will not send you any message if you consumed your 299 amount. they will only send you a message you’ve reached your credit limit.

  • jun

    hi, im on plan unlisurf999 i have a iphone4, does unlisurf means , besides internet on my iphone, does this include the push notification, location services (map services) ? thank you 🙂

  • lilai

    Hi, Im on consumable 999.. If I send an sms to an international number will it be charged to the consumable 999 or it will be charged on top of my bill? Thanks

  • Jenny

    Hello. Nag-apply po kasi kami ng plan 999, BB Curve po yung handset. Nagtataka lang po kasi ako pag chinicheck ko yung unbilled ko, Di ko magets yung MyGlobe na nasa Unbilled ko. Puro text lang naman ako, may add-on din po ako na unli text to globe/tm. Hindi pa pala sha activated, so nagsubscribe ako. Nagulat ako yung unbilled ko umabot na ng 700 because of that MyGlobe thingy. I hope you can explain this to me, Thank you!

  • mark

    Sir, icoconsume ba ang load ko let’s say kinuha ko yung plan 1799 and I get the iphone 3gs. If i use the intertnet,facebook,twitter etc. icoconsume ba ang load ko? kasi diba it’s wifi ready naman. and also is it possible to switch sims? ilalagay ko yung sim na naka plan sa ibang phone?

    • roiji

      your consumable (“load”) will not be consumed if you are connected and surfing the internet on WiFi.
      yes, it’s possible to use your sim to other phones as long as they can accept globe sims (open line or globe-locked phones)

  • Mark

    Hi. tanong ko lang if icoconsume din ba ang load let’s say ang plan ko ay 1799 tapos kukunin ko yung iphone. If i use the internet for facebook and twitter. Will it consume my load? and is it possible na ilagay ko ang sim na nakaplan sa ibang phone?

    • roiji

      if you use the internet beyond your freebie D (if you availed of any) it will consume your load.
      subscribing to UNLISURF by texting to 8888 will be charged on top of your bill.
      it is possible to use your sim that came with your iPhone 3GS on other phone since it the iPhone 3GS does not use the Micro-SIM.

      if you want unli surf plus consumable and your budget is 1799
      i suggest you subscribe to plan 499 and get the My SUPER SURF (999) as an add-on instead.
      it will only cost you 1498.
      that way, you can surf unlimited and still have 499 “load” to use for other services such as texting and calling 🙂

  • Pat

    Hi!! 🙂 How can we check our balance? Hindi na siya sa 222 diba? Plan 999 ako. How? Heehee. Thankies!! 🙂

  • joy

    Me & my office mates subscribed to a corporate account but we have a fixed monhtly of 499 (unli calls to globe & tm plus 300 free sms) are we entitiled to a freebie since this is a corp account not a fully loaded plan?


  • charbelle

    hi ask lang sana ako. kung panu ko malalaman ung balance ng freebies ko. Is plan 499 is equal to 499 regular load plus pa ung freebies?so bali ilan lahat ng load ko??

    • roiji

      currently, there is no way to track your freebies via globe (you have to track them yourself).
      499 consumable is 499 consumable. use it to text, call, surf the net. share-a-load doesn’t count (will be charged on top of your bill)
      499 lahat ng load mo. wala naman consumable value yung freebie.

  • badz

    im planning to avail the super plan 999. When registering to supersurf50, would be charged on the top of my bill or can it be carried to the consumable 999? thnx! 🙂

  • badz

    and one more thing, when registering that MY SUPER SURF 999 OR any unli surf, can i use it to my globe tattoo internet stick and get the same speed it serves when using the mobile sim that comes along with the kit? thnx again 🙂

  • cyril

    if availed on unlisurf combo 999, can the sim be used in globe tatoo stick as well? wala bang extra charges if used sa stick? kasi i have one and it will double the expenses if i will load my mobile (internet) sim since i have a postpaid namn subscribed to unlisurf 999… pwde po ba? please enlighten. thnx!

  • badz

    so the postpaid sim (unlisurf999) can be used in tattoo stick with no extra charges?

  • jay

    plan 499 ako …. unlimited ba yung calls ko sa globe/tm?

    • roiji

      nope, unless you subscribe to My SUPER DUO unli calls to Globe and Landline or My SUPER UNLI unli calls and text to Globe/TM.
      additional subscription (add-ons) are charged on top of your bill.

  • Argie

    Im planning to avail in plan 299. Pwede ba na ang gadget na e avail ko is yung corby 2? haha

    • roiji

      depends on the availability of the handset to your local Globe store.
      it is not available online now maybe because it is already sold out or being phased out.

  • Aaron

    ask ko lng po about sa mga PLAN nang globe.. kc po pumunta ako sa globe pra ichange ung plan ko na 299 to 599.. ung unlimited call and txt po.. ang sabi po skin eh mghihintay ako nang october 10 w/ch is yesterday pa po pra sa confirmation,, eh hanggang ngaun wla pa kc.. kinuha lng nya # ko tpos ok na dw.. confirmation nlng ang hihntayin ko.. pro hnggang ngaun wla pa po.. SLAMAT po

  • jun

    does the unlimited surf plan 999 include the mms service? it it free? thank you so much

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