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Globe My Fully Loaded Plan: Explained

by on Jul.04, 2010, under Reviews, Tech

Get MORE than what you pay for!

Introducing my FULLY LOADED PLAN

Globe’s BIGGER and BETTER Postpaid Plan!

* All-Consumable Plan for as low as P299

* PLUS! Amazing FREEBIES you can choos from and change as often as monthly


Promo runs from June 29 – August 31, 2010

Part 1: What the fliers say.

Choose from all-consumable plans with BIGGER and BETTER FREEBIES

Step 1: Choose your PLAN Plan 299 Plan 499 Plan 999 Plan 1799 Plan 2499 Plan 3799
Step 2: Boost with FREEBIES Choose 1 from A-D* Choose 2 from A-D* Choose 3 from A-E Choose 5 from A-E Choose 7 from A-E Choose 9 from A-E or 1 F
  1. Free Calls & Text
    to GLOBE/TM
    10 min calls & 200 SMS
  2. Free Calls & Text
    5 min calls & 25 SMS
    Calls & Texts to
    10 Destinations**
    20 mins IDD & 10 ISMS
  4. Free Mobile SURFING
    3 hours
  5. Free SUPER ONE
    Unlimitted Calls + texts
  6. Free SUPER SURF
    Unlimited Surfing
Step 3: Add a FREE HANDSET Samsung E2120 / Nokia 1680 Samsung C3053 / Nokia 2690 Samsung C3510 / Nokia X3 BlackBerry Curve 8520 / HTC Tattoo Samsung B7610 / Nokia X6 iPhone 3GS 16GB / BlackBerry Bold 9700
RATES: P6.50/min to Globe/TM
P7.50 to Other Networks
P6.00/min to Globe/TM
P6.50 to Other Networks

the fine print:

*For Plans 299 and 499, you may also choose E using P100 from your consumable load.

**US, Canada, Guam, Hawaii, Alaska, Singapore, Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Thailand.

***Each freebie and consumable amount shall have a term of thirty (30) days from date of activation. Unused freebies and consumable ammount will not be carried-over to the next month.

****Enrollment to the MY FULLY LOADED Plan freebies will auto-renew every thrity (30) days unless subscriber opts-out by going to the Globe Store or calling the hotline (730-1000). Request for change in FREEBIE should be done (4) days before or after your cut-off period reflected in your bill statement.

*****Availament of a free handset comes with a minimum of 24 months subscription period. Subjected to Proof of Financial Capacity submitted.

ALL-YOU-CAN mobile services applicable to calls & text to Globe, TM & Tattoo subsribers.

Super Surf also available for BlackBerry handsets and only covers unlimited internet when used on BlackBerry APN. For unlimited access on both Internet APN and BlackBerry APN, subscribe to Super Surf for BlackBerry MAX for only P1,500/month.

Part 2: What the freebie actually is.

Step 1: Choose your PLAN Plan 299 Plan 499 Plan 999 Plan 1799 Plan 2499 Plan 3799
Step 2: Boost with FREEBIES Choose 1 from A-D* Choose 2 from A-D* Choose 3 from A-E Choose 5 from A-E Choose 7 from A-E Choose 9 from A-E or 1 F
  1. 10 min calls & 200 SMS to Globe / TM PLUS consumable amount^
  2. 5 min calls & 25 SMS to OTHER NETWORKS PLUS consumable amount^
  3. 20 mins IDD & 10 ISMS to 10 International Destinations** PLUS consumable amount^
  4. 3 hours Mobile SURFING PLUS consumable amount^
  5. Unlimitted Calls + texts to 1 GLOBE NUMBER (Super One) PLUS consumable amount^
  6. Unlimited Surfing (Super Surf) PLUS consumable amount^
Step 3: Add a FREE HANDSET Samsung E2120 / Nokia 1680 Samsung C3053 / Nokia 2690 Samsung C3510 / Nokia X3 BlackBerry Curve 8520 / HTC Tattoo Samsung B7610 / Nokia X6 iPhone 3GS 16GB / BlackBerry Bold 9700
RATES: P6.50/min to Globe/TM
P7.50 to Other Networks
P6.00/min to Globe/TM
P6.50 to Other Networks

The FREEBIES are a lot more clearer now..

I hate it when they breakup the lines and say free! I really thought Β it was Free calls and text to Globe/TM, albeit, unli call and text.

Good thing this ‘free’ is really free this time unlike the (previous?) G-Plans (non-consumable plans)!!!

^consumable amounts can ONLY be used for calls, text, and mobile surfing. Share-A-Load, wallpaper downloads, ringtone downloads, and others will be charged on top of your bill!

Part 3: Explanation.

You get to consume the amount that you pay for plus freebies unlike the G-Plans (that I think Globe is still offering).

Gotta love these consumable plans! I am currently on a 250 consumable extension line and it is really flexible! (but now I’m planning to switch to this)

Here are some examples.

First: 299 (E)

What you get: unlimited calls and texts to only 1 Globe/TM number and consume 199 for other things*

You pay: 299**

Second: Plan 299 (A)

What you get: 10 min calls & 200 SMS to Globe/TM and you get use the 299 for other things* or in a different perspective, 10 mins +Β 499 texts to Globe or 56 mins of call + 200 SMS to Globe… sweet πŸ™‚

You pay: 299**

Third: Plan 499 (A, E)

What you get: 10 min calls, 200 SMS to Globe/TM, unlimited calls and text to 1 Globe number and consume 399 for other things*

You pay: 499**

Fourth: Plan 499 (E, E)

What you get: unlimited calls and text to 2 Globe numbers and consume 299 for other things*

You pay: 499 only**

Fifth: Plan 1799 (A, A, D, E, E) [I guess by now you get the point]

What you get: 20 min call, 200 SMS to Globe/TM, 3hours mobile surfing, unlimited calls and text to 2 Globe numbers and consume 1,799 for other things* (P200 is not consumed)

You pay: 1,799**

* consume the total amount (example 199) for 199 text messages, 30 min for Globe-to-Globe call, OR 9 hours mobile surfing (example 299) 299 text messages or 46 mins of Globe-to-Globe calls, OR 14 hours of mobile surfing

**if you did not go over your consumable balance or avail of other services

Part 4: Verdict.

If you are on a tight budget and Β only call and text people sometimes and have a significant other subscribed to Globe the Plan 299 (E) is perfect because you get to enjoy unlimited texting and calling to your significant other and Β use the 199 for texting or calling your family members and other friends or surfing the net (Google Maps navigation, checking email, or Google searching on the fly).

I like it and I set it as an example because my bill last month sky rocketed to 850 pesos instead of the usual 250, because my significant other likes to ask for load and avail of UNLITXT and of course I have to reply to all the messages sent to me.

I don’t text a lot and most of my load is consumed when replying to people with UNLITXT!

Part 5: Other information (FYI)

  • Lock-in period is 1 year for a subscriber who did not avail of a handset. 2 years for those who availed for a handset.
  • There is a early termination fee of P550 if you want to cancel out early. (You still need to pay for the handset if you avail of it)
  • Unused freebies will not carry-over to the next month.
  • You can change your freebies as often as every month. (let’s say your significant other does not want to load up on July, then opt for A instead of E for July)
  • Plan 999 and above will NOT consume P100 from your consumable amount when availing of the SUPER ONE freebie (E) [another perspective of the first fine print]
  • You shall not unlock the phone given to you by Globe. (do it after the lock-in period hehe’)
  • You can also avail for other handsets than the ones provided.
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98 Comments for this entry

  • bless


    i have read a blog about the blackberry plans surf unli 999 that it is only unlimited if used in BB’s APN. So does this mean if ill gonna surf using the Globe APN; ill be charged? or used the sim for any device other than BB i would be charged extra? tsk tsk tsk



  • sav


    Why is it that you put the Freebie letter “E” under the plan 499 in your explanation? Whereas in the Freebie part, plan 499 says that you can only pick from A-D?

    Please clarify, thank you!! πŸ™‚

    • roiji

      freebie E is available on plan 299 and 499 but 100 pesos will be deducted from your consumable plan.
      it has an asterisk (*)
      the selection is not available online (from Globe) to lessen the confusion. but it still has the footnote that freebie E is available for plans 299 and 499

  • Kim

    Hi there!
    I haven’t tried this plans yet and I’m curious with their new offer of ipad 2 for the plan 999. I don’t know how much will I pay every month for it and if I have to pay a down payment first for the gadget before I can avail it. Please tell me and help me with this. Thanks

  • Jake

    Do we need to register before we can browse the net?If we use Globes APN?

  • Reg

    Would you know if non-working students can apply for a postpaid line? Are there any documents we can present? Or do applicants need to be employees who possess proof of billing above Php 10k, certificate of employment, etc.?

    • roiji

      yes, a non-working student can apply for a postpaid line.
      you can use your mom/dad’s documents — proof of billing, proof of income, ID’s (and yours too)

      or just make the line under your mom/dad’s name with you paying for it.

  • Xer

    Can I avail a handset if I’ll use ‘My Fully Loaded Plan’for only one month?

  • Xer

    Can I avail a free handset if I’ll use β€˜My Super Surf’for only a month?

  • Phillip

    i have an existing 999 plan running 15 months now of 24. can i upgrade to another plan or (downgrade)?and change phones? how much will i add or pay?

    • roiji

      if you want to make any changes now, you can pay for the remaining balance [value] of the handset (they have the computation for that) plus a termination fee. 10k i think.

  • sh01367

    hi! I’m a student but have online business, can i apply for a postpaid plan??

  • Aryse

    How about the new iPhone 4s. The Plan 999? Do I have to make a down payment first or I just need to give 999/month? I’ma college student. I’m planning to get an iPhone 4s Thanks πŸ™‚

  • warpath

    can i use the consumable amount for IDD call and texts? thanks.

  • mae

    Hi! my question is connected to part 5. If I were to pre-terminate my plan, is it possible to give back my handset and just pay pre-termination fee and all my unbilled charges?

  • usagi

    hi, I’m a globe subscriber but recently I avail the plan 999 consumable to get a BB handset last December. My new account is activated this December 31, 2011 and i was shocked that they already sent out my bill this January 18, 2012. Another thing that confused me is that I avail the freebies A,B and E..and i computed my account..eventually I can’t see where is my 999 consumable goes because my billed roar up almost 1,300 in just a short time. How is 999 consumable works? do u really consume that amount? please lighten me up… Thanks.

    • roiji

      yes, you can consume that amount.
      but you can only consume that amount in regular calls, regular texts, and regular time-based or KB-based internet surfing.
      subscribing to unlitext, unlisurf, share-a-load, etc is not deductible from your consumable — they will be charged on top of your 999 plan.

  • Luziel

    Hi. do you know how much will i pay for the downpayment if i apply on globe’s postpaid plan599 with the Blackberry 8520 unit? Thank’s.

  • ynci

    Hi, I am newbie in postpaid plan, I avail blackberry 9780 with P1799 monthly. I’d shared 150 load to prepaid subscribers and for this day I consumed almost 1000load. my question is the 150load were I shared will add into my bill 1799+150 = P1949(total bill) or still P1799 (because I already consume P1000 and 150 for share a load)? and what will happen to my remaining balance if I don’t use it for this month it will add to my next postpaid load or it will disregard?

    • roiji

      the 150 load will be added to your bill. [1799+150 = P1949(total bill)]
      the remaining balance will not carry over/add up to the following month. the remaining will be disregarded.

  • marr

    hi i want to avail the 1799 plan with the handset Iphone 4s. Im earning about 14k a month(allowances included) can i avail this? what are the other details? thank you.

  • Ruriluli

    Read you manage to get an extension line.

    When applying for an extension line, am I gan get a new handset? And how much would my monthly payment cost all in all? Thanks.

  • kimsaldo

    It seems that I cannot apply yet because I’m still a college student with no Proof of Financial Capacity documents. I have a friend that has already availed of the blackberry plan that I also want to avail. Can I still make him my guarantor? Can he add another plan under his name? How many plans under one name is allowed?

    • roiji

      yes, he can add another plan under his name.
      i believe there can only be 2 extension lines under an account.

      you can also ask your parents to apply for the line for you.

  • gretchen

    i availed bb plan for unlisurf combo plan 999 .. are my email, bbm, fb and twitter are already included with 999 i’m paying for? and the only way that i’d be charged is only when i download anything from surfing? since that my understanding was its unlisurf (unlimited), i’m not signing out of my fb & twitter accounts anymore and i do also have my bbm which i didn’t register for any promo because its already automatically registered on the plan..

  • fides

    Hi I’m on bb unlisurf plan 999 with 400 consumable.. I paid 999 when I got the phone for 1month advance payment and I was shocked bec after 3weeks I got my bill and it says there that I have an outstanding bal of 500+. -m just wondering if the 1st payment is a deposit or an adv. And if I can use my consumable for OTHER network call.. Tnx

    • roiji

      your first payment is an advanced payment. you need not pay for your first month.
      please check if you have used share-a-load or other non-consumable deductible services.

      yes, you can use your consumable to text and call other networks.

  • josh

    what is the required financial capacity in availing iphone 4s at plan 1799? im earning 20k a month.

  • GlobeUser

    Hi, I availed Plan 999 of Blackberry 8520 last September 2010 and I want to change my plan to 499, is it possible? Am I going to pay for the remaining months in my contract with plan 999?

  • Yani

    Hi, I’m planning to avail UnliSurf 1799 for iPhone 4s. It says there that the unit price will be P6599. How much will be the first payment that I have to make? I’m a college student and I’m pretty sure I can afford to pay P1799 every month from my allowance. I have my own proof of billing under my own name @ Sun Cellular. I’m using sun broadband’s Plan P800, can I submit that? Thank you!

    • roiji

      you will have to pay Php8,398 as your first payment (cost of the handset + 1 month advanced payment)
      the proof of billing just serves as a proof of address.
      you may be asked to present a proof of income…

      you do have a nice allowance to pay for that plan :-p

  • ely ramos

    Ilang weeks or days before I can get iphone 4s pag nag order na ako?? tnx :))

  • Macintosh

    I just applied for plan 1799 for the iphone 4s, after submitting all documents online I got a call right away from a globe telecom agent, asking me series of questions like; what color I want and what freebies I want included, also said that they will call within 2-3 days. Is there any chance that I am not yet approved? or the promise for a call means that I have better chances?

    • roiji

      good for you they called you right away.
      yes, there is still a change you won’t get approved.
      when i applied for a blackberry they said they’re gonna call in 7 business days. I just got a text ONE MONTH after I applied that I wasn’t approved. XD

  • kaye

    hey.pano po malalaman yung remaining amt nung consumable? i have 1799 plan po kasi.

  • kaye

    ano po ba pinagkaiba nung balance due and unbilled fees?? thanks

  • GlobeUser

    how much is the termination fee? my handset is free po.

  • al

    if i get iphone4s plan 1799 il add up only 5k-. and get that on da frxt month ryt? apprx 6800,

    then the consumable cnt be use to reg unli call and txt?

    nice sna to get da iphne 4s pero knda imprctcl for 2yrx cgr mga 48k total dt

    mas ok p get a load tipid plan 800 or 1500 reg powersurf300 or 500 pwd n un- use da remaining lod for call and txt u can stil share a load to ur gf

    • roiji

      you will have to pay 6800 upon approval of your application.
      the consumable amount can be used for regular calls, text, and surfing.
      you cannot use the consumable for registering unli services or share-a-load.
      the iPhone 4S may not be available in plans other than the iPhone plans.

  • dariuz

    pwede ba magamit ung consumable load na iregister sa unlimited services(promos) ng globe??

  • Ral

    Does plan 1799 already includes the vat? Are there hidden charges?

    • roiji

      1799 is what you will pay every month (if you don’t go over your bill)
      i don’t know what those hidden charges are but as far as my experience with globe i pay 250 for the g-flex extension 250 that i applied for a few years ago. no more no less.

  • naughty

    so in a plan for example I got plan 999 in a month i will just only pay 999 and the phone is free. in the next month will I gain the same load? is the black berry torch included in that plan?

    • roiji

      ‘gaining’ a load is for Globe Load Tipid plans.
      You pay twice your plan upon signing (1,998) then on your first month (after 1 month on activation) you need not pay then you have to pay the 2nd month onwards. Yes, it’s still 999.
      Globe does not offer the Blackberry Torch 9800 online. You may check your local Globe store for availability.
      There are also Blackberry plans available should you wish to avail of Blackberry services within your plans.

  • Mimai

    Nakaplan po ako 1799 na may freebie A, B, E + 800 consumable load. Pag nagtext po ba ako abroad, madededuct ba siya sa consumable amt of load? And pati po sa share-a-load, deducted din ba yun sa consjmable amt or dagdag siya sa bill na 1799. And ano po yung unbilled charges? Added din po ba yun sa 1799?

    • roiji

      With plan 1799 you can avail up to 5 Freebies. And your consumable amount is 1799.
      International text are charged on top of your bill.
      Share-a-load is charged on top of your bill.
      I suggest you avail of Freebie C if you text internationally to the 10 partner destinations of Globe.
      Unbilled charges is what you have consumed that is has yet appeared in the statement of account.

  • chat chat

    nag plan ako kahapon.. sabi 24 hrs lang ako mag hihintay para sa activation ng sim bakit ngayon wala parin?

  • elisa

    sa blackberry ba 9220 nid patayin yung data services para di makain yung consumable load if magsusurf? kapag ba nakapatay yun, magagamit mo pa yung bb chat mo? thank you!

    • roiji

      kung naka unlisurf ang plan mo hindi mo na kailangang patayin ang data.

      oo, pag hindi ka naka unlisurf kailangan mong patayin ang data dahil kakain ito ng 5 pesos per 15 minutes OR mas mahal kung per kilobyte ka… yung phone ko, nakalimutan kong mag perKB 5MB na consume 600 pesos siningil sa akin. saklap. kahit 15 mins ko lang siya nagamit.

      hindi mo magagamit ang BB Messenger /BB Chat kapag nakapatay ang data mo.

  • totep

    hi.. im planning to get the Blackberry Bold for 999 Unlimited surfing.. Do i need to pay for down payment or ill just pay 1 month of service and 1 month in adv? thanks^^

    • totep

      sorry.. and how much consumable will i have?

      • roiji

        if there is a downpayment you need to pay that plus 2 months advance.
        you do not have any consumable with unlisurf 999. you only have freebies.
        try to get a bb plan. i think it’s only around 600 with unlimited surfing than a my super plan (unlisurf 999)

  • Eina

    Hi. I recently applied for BB Unlisurf Plan 999 via pre-order on the Globe website. Up to now, I haven’t received any call or update except for one telling me my application was approved. The unit (BB 9320) is already in stores but still no update if I can have my unit. So I decided to cancel the application, and upgrade my existing (plan 499) instead, to BB Unlisurf plan 999. Question is, it has only been 4mos since I first applied for this plan, so I haven’t completed the lock-out period. Is it possible that they’ll give me a new unit should I upgrade to a higher plan? Thanks.

  • roiji

    They wouldn’t allow you to upgrade.
    First, you have to terminate your current 499 plan by paying an early termination fee (cost depends on your contract) PLUS the remaining cost of the handset (to be computed by Globe).
    Then, apply for the Unlisurf 999 plan.

  • tin

    hi, pag may existing plan ba like for example, Im on a plan 499, pede ko ba to pa convert sa load tipid plan 500? thanks.! πŸ™‚

  • roiji

    you first have to cut your 499 plan then apply for the load tipid plan 500.

  • tin

    Meaning I have to pay pre-term fee and the handset kahit na mag aavail pa din ako ng service nila..

    oh, my.. πŸ™ Thanks!

  • roiji

    unless tapos na yung lock-in period mo, you have to pay the early termination fee and the remaining cost of the handset.
    ibang set kasi yung my super plan at load tipid plans eh.

  • anthony

    goodafternoon.. sir ask ko lang.. kung online ako mag aaply ng postpai plan 299 pano ko seselect ung E? thanks

  • roiji

    kapag nakuha mo na yung line mo tsaka ka na lang mag apply ng Freebie E πŸ˜€

  • anthony

    ahh.. ok po.. maraming salamat po..

  • Ganda

    Hello Ask ko lang, pano yung freebie E, pa explain further naman, for 30 days ba yon? πŸ™‚ thank you!

    • roiji

      Freebie E is unlimited calls and text to one (1) Globe/TM subscriber.
      Freebie E costs 299 as an add-on.
      Subscription is good for 30 days.
      Automatically renews on the date of subscription.
      Unless you unsubscribe to it at least 4 days before the day of subscription.

      If you have applied for plan 299 and 499 it is usually not included as a freebie but there is a footnote that freebie E can be added.
      You can add Freebie E if you are willing to shave off 100 pesos from your consumable.
      You can subscribe to it when not applying online.

  • Patrick

    hi plano ko po kasi mag plan ng iphone 4s and ung plan na balak ko pong kunin is 499 or 999 sbi po kasi sa flyer na bingay kanina is 1250 po ung pag lock up ng 4n + 150 so ibig po ba sbhin nun if ng down po ako ng 1400 ibig po ba sbhin ma pwde na ko mag lbas ng unit? salamt πŸ™‚

    • roiji

      di ko alam kung saan mo nakuha yang flyer na yan pero di pa ako nakakita ng ganyang promo.
      if you plan to get the iPhone 4S @ plan 499 you still have to cash out 24,950! Plus 2 months advanced payment for a total of 25,948.

      • Patrick

        ALL UNLI PLAN Plan 299 Plan 499 Plan 999 Plan 1799 Plan 2499 Plan 3799 Plan 5K Plan 10K
        iPhone 4S 16GB (WITH DATA BOOSTER)
        28,099 30,899 28,099 23,976 17,499 10,080 7,400 FREE FREE

        ganyang po sir pero ndi po pla siya flyer, ganyan po siya in a graph po, tapos sa baba niya nka sulat free with 30 MOS lock-up. cash out off 1250 with 24 months lock-up. free at 24 months lock-up if with powersurf subscription for 24 MOS…

        sir pwde po ba pa explain kasi ung girl po na andun sa customer service pra sa plan nung ng inquire kme is ndi specific ung kanang pag paliwang kya ngguluhan po ako.. salamt sir roiji

        • roiji

          foot notes yan free free na yan at 30-months lockup.
          baka may naka asterisk (*) dun sa FREE* na nakalagay.
          could be the 1250 is per month on top of your desired bill.

          i really don’t know until i see it myself. got pic?

          • Patrick

            i still have the photocopy that they gave, but wla kasi ako scaner pag picturan ko ko ndi siya clear sir e i’ll try to find a clear copy

  • Elisa

    Dapat kapag naka Blackberry ako, iturn off ko po ba yung data services? And for sure po ba yun na di na mababawasan yung consumable load ko? πŸ™‚ Thank you!

    • roiji

      Di naman siya requirement…
      Kung wala kang unlimited data subscription and you want to save your battery charge, turn it off.
      If you are sure na turned off ang data mo then it is more likely na di mababawasan ang consumable load mo.

  • Elisa

    Another question, anong difference ng unbilled balance and plan balance? πŸ™‚ thank you ulit!

  • Bon

    How much will i pay if i terminate my 4s plan 1799? Ive got this plan for about 3mos.
    Thanks πŸ™‚

    • roiji

      17,499 (1st year’s cost of the phone [will be halved after 1 year]) + 500 (administration free) + pre-termination fee (10,000 maybe or depends on your contract).

      = 27,999

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