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Grand Chase Slurpee Special Event

by on Sep.23, 2009, under Games, Grand Chase


So yun nga… since what I’m after are the miniposter to be collected and the in-game item (20 gems) [i don’t need the others].

The first event was First Day Reward
Be ready to go to your nearest 7 – Eleven store starting 6:30 AM on September 23, as the first 50 Grand Chasers who purchase a Grand Chase Slurpee Collectible Card will be rewarded with a 7 – Eleven Power Wing!

For the First day reward:
7-11 Power Wing (11 days)
For the card:
Slurpee Brain Freeze Title!! (3 Days)
Slurpee Reinforcement Booster 10% (1)
Slurpee Treasure Chest (1)
Aging Core (20)
Gem (20)

So ok luckly meron 7-11 sa area kung saan ako natratrabaho.. and there are three (3) of them in a span of 300m actually….

The red mark indicates the three 7-11’s and the blue mark indicates the two Mini stops…

7am and end ng shift ko.. so in time para sa event..

I clocked out at 7:50am and was in the 7-11 store indicated on the upper side of the map at 8:00am.

I looked around and saw the poster, which wasn’t there last Saturday.
There is also I think this big poster ng event dun sa sulok…
I saw Arme and Ronan at the slurpee bin but there was no GC cups.. baka naubusn na ako…

I asked the clerk.

ME: Sir abot pa ba ako sa Grand Chase event?
CA: (CAshier) Ah yung slurpee cups and card?
ME: Ye…
CA: Opo abot pa……..? (it seemed di nya alam what i was talking about)
ME: sige.. isa nga…
CA: Teka lang sir ah…

Well.. he went into the storage and brought out the GC slurpee cups… … … ..

Nung nasa counter na siya ang ikukuha na ako ng cup.. sabi ko dalawa na…

At that time the supervisor of the store was kinda aligaga on what to do.. brings out this registration sheet from beneath the slurpee bin and told the clerk that I need to register…

Lo and behold… ako ang una… LOL

Kung di lang ako pa uwi lima bibilin ko eh… wahahahahahahahaha

After registration he handed me these cups and I filled it with those oozing sugar concoctions…

One was green… the other red (pink)…. I didn’t bother to read the labels because I was excited holding the cups.. They aren’t regular cups.. they are laminated. And the color were bold and stands out.

Binayaran ko na.. The supervisor read again the mechanics of the event then binigay na rin sa akin yung cards.. di na ako pinapili since it was the first time… anything will do.. ginawa na lang nya is yung magkasunod na lang..

I don’t know which one is which: Supernova and High voltage.

It has two side which features Jin (Fighter[1st job]) {9th character} [not yet released] on fighting pose and fighting stance. And Ronan(Abyss Knight[4th job]), Ryan(Viken[3rd job]), and Lass(Striper[4th job])…

I kept the green one in my backpack since I did not bother to fill it to the brim. Baka matunaw at magkalat pa sa loob ng bag ko..

And carry ko lang yung red on my way home. Pinaplastic ko separately yung dalawa.. And after a few steps outside tinanggal ko na rin yung plastic nung dala ko para makita ng lahat kung ano dala dala ko… wahahahaha

Ayun effective naman… nagsisitinginan sa akin mga tao kasi kung ano dala ko…

As you can see the left has the pink tint and the right one has a green tint.

The red one tastes like berries, grapes, raspberries, strawberries or something.. (I can’t make out the taste of artificial flavoring)

The green one? OMG! It feels like Shrek’s vomit. Joke! It’s not that disgusting. It tastes… different… And I can’t make it out. I know that taste but I can’t remember what it is.. It’s sweet (obviously) and it leaves and after taste.

When I got home I research on what the green stuff was… Turns out the red one is the Supernova while the green one… I still don’t know.. but I think it’s the ginseng added to the concoction that made that after taste… Upon reading it’s either the slurpee in Shrek’s days or that Mountain Dew BMX thingy…

Anyway, the cups were awsome.. that was a surprise because what I’m really after for this event are the 20 gems (in-game item) and the mini poster…

Well… 2 down 7 more to go… ahahahaha

I’m gonna find out what that green thing is tomorrow~! Hehe’

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