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How many search results does your candidate have?

by on Feb.03, 2010, under Others, Tech

After Villar wins the Google Trends search query, this time how many results do you think your candidate have?

We’re all here for the results right?I used 3 test for this.

  1. Google home page type-in suggestions results
  2. Specific matching  key word search — where you put double quotes on the keywords to search the documents with specifically matching words: both words has to appear side-by-side
  3. Normal key word search — where a word can be inside the document with another word but both words may or may not be side-by-side

This time all of the candidates are included in the results:

  • Vetellano “Dodong” Acosta
  • Benigno Simeon “Noynoy” Aquino, III
  • John Carlos “JC” de los Reyes
  • Joseph “Erap” Estrada Ejercito
  • Richard “Dick” Gordon
  • Maria Ana Consuelo “Jamby” Madrigal
  • Jesus Nicanor “Nicky” Perlas
  • Gilberto Eduardo Gerardo “Gibo” Teodoro
  • Eduardo “Eddie” Villanueva
  • Manuel “Manny” Villar, Jr.

If you’re wondering where I got their full names.. just go to WikipediaDodong? COMELEC!!

TEST 1: Google homepage type-in suggestions

Query (exclude brackets)
Erap Estrada [erap] 1,410,000
Noynoy Aquino [noynoy] 1,040,000
Eddie Villanueva [eddie] 694,000
Nicky Perlas [nicky p] 572,000
Manny Villar [manny] 562,000
Gibo Teodoro [gibo] 552,000
Jamby Madrigal [jamby] 343,000
JC de los Reyes [jc ] 256,000
Vetellano Acosta [vetellan]
Dick Gordon [dick g]

Winner: ERAP!


  • The query is where I type each letter one by one until the candidates appear.
  • Cannot use ‘richard gordon‘ because it is will show results that includes another author, a US senator, among others…
  • JC de los Reyes could share his query with other people, it’s a generic name after all.
  • Blank means Google did not give any suggestions.
  • The results are automated and does not reflect the opinion of the author and/nor Google.

TEST2: Specific match keyword search

Query Result
Noynoy Aquino “noynoy aquino” 827,000
Manny Villar “manny villar” 732,000
JC de los Reyes “jc de los reyes” 663,000
Gibo Teodoro “gibo teodoro” 389,000
Eddie Villanueva “eddie villanueva” 309,000
Jamby Madrigal “jamby madrigal” 281,000
Erap Estrada “erap estrada” 190,000
Dick Gordon “dick gordon” 129,000
Nicky Perlas “nicky perlas” 46,600
Dodong Acosta “vetellano acosta” 2,470

Winner: NOYNOY!!


  • This is an advanced query where in “erap estrada” will not show a result where a document contains Joseph Erap Ejercito Estrada because erap is not beside estrada but will show Joseph Erap Estrada Ejercito.
  • This shows restuls of erap with estrada than “joseph estrada“.
  • This also shows that you have to have a unique side-by-side name combination.. noynoy with aquino, manny with villar to show more results.

TEST3: Generic Google search: without double quotes

Query Result
Erap Estrada erap estrada 1,960,000
Dick Gordon dick gordon 1,790,000
Gibo Teodoro gibo teodoro 1,380,000
Noynoy Aquino noynoy aquino 911,000
Manny Villar manny villar 786,000
Nicky Perlas nicky perlas 731,000
Eddie Villanueva eddie villanueva 657,000
Jamby Madrigal jamby madrigal 567,000
JC de los Reyes jc de los reyes 296,000
Dodong Acosta vetellano acosta 155,000

Winner: ERAP!!!


This shows that many people generate content with Erap Estrada as a topic. Even though Manny Villar was the winner in Google Trends he didn’t have enough content recently to generate results. But that may change

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