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Manny Villar leads Google Searches!

by on Feb.02, 2010, under Others, Tech

I really don’t want to talk about politics as much as possible but when technology is involved, it’s a different story.

Most people don’t know this Google service. It’s called Google Trends. It graphs the number of search queries of a particular set of keywords in a given amount of time.

I used the following keywords taken from the top 5 Presidential candidates taken from the PRESIDENTIAL PREFERENCE FOR THE 2010 ELECTIONS, PHILIPPINES survey in the NICKNAME SURNAME format. Of course, searching for ‘villar’ only or ‘aquino’ only will add irrelevant results as ‘villar’ is a Spanish term used across the globe and there are many ‘aquino’: kris, cory, and ninoy.

  • noynoy aquino
  • manny villar
  • erap estrada
  • gibo teodoro
  • eddie villanueva

And VILLAR leads!! (data taken February 3, 2010 2AM PHT)

The data is taken from the last 12 months of Google searches in the Philippines for the keywords above.

The search query spiked at the time where Villar (as you all know) released his ‘Si Villar ang tunay na mahirap’ jingle. (more on this later)

Aquino still dominates the News on average. (see the lower section of the image)

Estrada and Villanueva does not have enough search volume for ranking for the Philippines for the past 12 months.

Going internationally we can see that Villar still leads and the other pick up. But Estrada still lags behind search volume for the past 12 months.

Although we can see a little rise in Estrada’s query at the beginning of the month, it was not enough for ranking.

We can also see that Teodoro did not take enough traffic despite Ondoy (September). It was just mid-November that he gained traffic. It is when Arroyo endorses Teodorodo’s presidential bid.

Looking back in time and seeing the bigger picture. International, all year search.

We can see a huge spike on Estrada’s search on 2007. That is actually when Estrada was on trial.

Villar also spikes from time to time starting 2008 (Manny Villar Cup) [some sort of tournament], early 2009 (“early” presidential campaign), then the rest is history (C5 extension).

On the Philippines we can also see the same.

Aquino didn’t racked enough traffic for himself on Google maybe because there isn’t too much controversy about him.. Although he racks up news article than search queries..

One thing’s for sure. Villar’s popularity in Google (in my opinion) is not because of his achievements, not because of his scandals.. but because people makes fun of him and his gimmicks.

Chipmunks version of Villar’s jingle.

And even a Villar jingle inspired song that talks about the use of a 3rd party program in Ragnarok.

A comment on the chipmunks version said “sana po pag po kayo nanalo sana po dahan dahan lng po sa pag bawi sa laki ng gastos nyo sa commercial nyo salamat po..sana huag? lahat ubusin yun pera ng mahal kong bayan.” (if you win, I hope you would take the huge amount that you spent for your commercials slowly.. i hope you don’t take all of the country’s riches.)

I do hope this 2010 elections (and succeeding elections) turn out to be well. I really hate the Philippines especially when election season comes.. Makes me want to leave the country every 6 years… T_T

If you want to see the graphs for your self click the following links.

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  • Melo

    It’s not surprising because he has been burning millions, if not billions, of pesos in his campaigns. I wonder how would he get those back?

  • emily

    eh ung bilyon na gastos ni noynoy kaya pano nya babawiin?

    • roiji

      as far as i know hindi naman aabot sa bilyon ang ginastos ni noynoy sa kampanya nya…
      alam mo kung bakit? (malamang hinde) yung mga supporters nya ang gumagastos…
      hindi dahil sa walang pera si noynoy, dahil nagtitiwala ang mga tao sa kanya..
      mabuti nang walang nagawang masama ang tao kaysa sa alam (naman) nating may nagawa na at may magagawa pang masama…

  • Accent Chair ·

    typhoon onody really messed up the filipinos, i wish that all is well in the philippines ”

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