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XAMPP / WAMP / apache / php running slow on localhost solution

by on Apr.09, 2013, under Dev, Tech

open a command shell as an Administrator
type: netsh
type: interface
type: portproxy
type: add v6tov4 listenport=80 connectport=80

Windows environment is such a complex environment to develop on.
Many things need to be considered if something goes wrong.
Firewall, rogue programs, anti-virus, etc…

Anyway, I’ve been developing in Windows for the past 9 years and only this past year that I encountered slowdown in my localhost which was not present before.
I’ve had this computer since 2008 and hardware configuration has been the same since then except for hard drive upgrade.
I’ve been using the same Windows 7 64-bit installer and settings since then.
The only difference was the upgraded version of the apache server (BitNami) that I’ve been using.

And after going on a leave from developing for a few months I haven’t touch my development environment since.

When I started my local server again, everything was slower than usual.
I thought it was something that I have set from an even earlier development when I was testing the loading of website bandwidth constraint using mod_bw.
I checked the settings. mod_bw wasn’t even installed now.

It was something else.

Now, with a new site to develop, things were reaching the maximum timeout of processing.
I couldn’t continue processing the page.

This wasn’t present on my Macbook Air, this wasn’t present on two of my friend’s netbook, and is not present on the live server.

I though it was the hosts file (C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts). It’s not.

Then I searched Google there were multiple solutions to the problem but most did not fix mine.

After a few links, I found the solution. (see above)


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