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Apple’s new tablet is the iPad

by on Jan.27, 2010, under Tech

Just today Apple announce the most important thing they’ve ever done on their ‘Come see our latest creation’ event. The iPad.

Steve Jobs Apple Table iPad

Facts summarized from watching the live coverage of

Name: iPad
OS: iPhone OS
Screen: 9.7 inch IPS capacitive multi touch LED backlit display with more than 1,000 sensors
Other Hardware:

  • 0.5 in thin 1.5 pounds
  • custom chip Apple A4 1ghz processor
  • 16, 32, 64 GB storage capacity
  • wifi 802.11n
  • bluetooth 2.1 + EDR
  • accelerometer
  • compass
  • speaker
  • microphone
  • 30-pin dock connector (bottom)
  • 3G model available using GSM micro sims
  • gray plastic back
  • 3.5mm headphone jack
  • on/off switch above
  • 1 home screen button on the bottom center
  • a volume rocker at the right side

Battery Life: 10 hours of use 1 month os standby time
Other Features:

  • Customizable background
  • 2-panel email
  • Spaced keyboard
  • full screen webpages
  • built-in slideshows… with a background music
  • HD youtube playback
  • Brushes app
  • iBooks app
  • iWork
  • every app in the app store can run unmoldified: they run the black box in the middle of the screen or double the pixel to make them full
  • inline video player in native new york time app


  • Full sized mechanical keyboard dock available, but not compatible with landscape mode
  • Protective case also available that also doubles as a stand


  • 16GB – $499
  • 32GB – $599
  • 64GB – $699
  • +$130 from base price for 3G model
  • Ships in 60 days, 3G models ships in 90 days

Let down:

  • no front camera
  • no back camera
  • no adobe flash
  • no sd slot
  • no word on multi tasking

It’s gonna revolutionize gaming eventually with partnership with GameLoft and EA games.

The name is ok with me but some feel awkward especially if it sound like women’s feminine napkins…

The thing looks more like a digital photo frame to me than a tablet.

The frame spacing (screen to edge) distance is really handy while holding the device. Some of the readers don’t like it but it’s quite useful in holding the device.

What amazed me is the 10 hour battery life. It wasn’t stated if it’s for games, surfing the net, video, or playing music straight but still. And than 1 month standby time is just simply crazy.

Given the size of the device, it’s really great that it doesn’t have a back camera. It’s awkward to see people in the street point that big device around. Although a front-facing camera would be big BIG plus.

I won’t buy this now because, as you know, Apple has a track record of upgrading things quite fast.

Basically the device is a big iPod touch. With word processing feature and paint.

I would want this if someone gives it to me. LOL

What I liked about this is the customized background of the home screen. I would have guessed that it had a bigger icons. But I did not imagine it having a dock at the bottom similar to OS X.

The iPad website is now up.

I’ll post a specs from the website soon.

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[UPDATE]: iPad official specs

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[RUMOR] Apple Tablet, iSlate, iPad, Mac Tablet, or iGuide, iTablet, iSlab, Safari Pad

by on Jan.27, 2010, under Tech

Before today (Jan 28 PHT) rumors, as far as 2003, has been spreading about an Apple tablet device

Name: Apple Tablet, iSlate, iPad, Mac Tablet, or iGuide, iTablet, iSlab, Safari Pad
OS: iPhone OS 4, iPhone OS 3.2
Screen: 7-11,8.5,9.7 inches OLED capacitive touch screen
Other Hardware:

  • black bezel aluminum back with black strip
  • 2 ports one on short side one on long side
  • front facing web cam
  • 5mp back camera
  • touch sensitive back casing
  • 3.5mm jack
  • solar panels for charging
  • SD Card slot
  • SSD
  • 2 home buttons


  • e-book reader
  • 3g enabled
  • background processing/multitasking
  • gps
  • hand writing recognitionit has thumb pads on each side (for mouse gestures)
  • fingerprint verification (up to 5 profiles can be registered on one device)
  • HDTV tuner, a PVR and a chess game built-in

Cost: $500 – $1200 depending on screen size and memory

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